With great pleasure, we would like to introduce you our new edition of Science Textbook - 5th Grade "A World to Discover".
To approach Science in a different way, we have developed a radical change in terms of content (action verbs, exercises and answers), illustrations and technology, all designed to develop students’ curiosity about the world around them and to introduce them to the investigation process.
This Textbook is supplemented by a full activity workbook and an upgradable digital version that allow users (teachers and students) to have full access on the interactive book.
This platform is enriched with numerous types of materials and features (interactive exercises, animations, videos and annotation tools) to enable users (teachers and students) to interact freely with each lesson.
This platform is as well a free space to the teacher to build up his/her personal multimedia resources and link them to the content of the textbook.
We are at your disposal to provide you with training in terms of content and technology.

An activity book is added to this collection. It starts in Grade 5 and aims to help and encourage students comprehend the concepts, achieve better results, and follow the different steps of the experimental process.