Science 5th year - basic education

Author Nicolas Jammal, Huguette Jammal, Samar Chamseldine Dia, Afaf El-Hajj, Marwan Khoury, Antoine Maamary
Size 22 X 29.5 cm
Pages 200
Weight 560 g
Edition 2023
Series A World to discover
ISBN 978-614-435-375-2
Subject Science
Language English
Age & Level 10+
Program Lebanese
Educational Materials Book, Teacher's Book
Digital Books Windows, Mac, Android
Copyright Habib Publishers

This book, from "Scientifica" collection for grade five is divided into five units. Each unit contains a particular scientific field: Plants and the Environment, Animals and the Environment, Man and Health, The Earth and the Universe, Matter and Energy. This book is available as a digital interactive version with a teacher’s guide.
For each chapter, the student as an apprentice researcher is invited to question, observe, research, experiment, discover, and reach a clear answer to their hypothesis.

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